Education is Everything

So on that fateful Sunday evening, I asked my mom  the flippant question “what is even wrong with dairy farms and eating eggs anyways?”.  Just over a week since those ignorant words passed my lips I sit here shaking my head at myself.  I’m less than two months shy of turning 24. Twenty four!!! And I didn’t have the knowledge or education to even understand some of the most important moral arguments for veganism.

My mom explained in very general terms the goings on of dairy farms.  Even the one located just down the road from us, where she explained that the adorable black and white cows I saw grazing every day before work, were just the pregnant mothers, artificially inseminated, while the ones milking were kept indoors in small stalls.  When I inquired about the calves, she explained how the females were kept to grow into milking cows as well, while a small amount of the males would be kept and grown for free range beef and the rest were sold to a veal farm.

My stomach was turning.  I was distraught.  And the fact that I didn’t know any of this was occurring, practically in my backyard, was wrong.

The whole night my mind was racing.  I had made my decision to never again participate in the consumption of animals or animal based products.  But in order to fully understand and legitimize this decision, I needed to do some research.

I started with Netflix.  Here at my disposal was a whole section of the site devoted to documentaries and all it took was two minutes of scrolling before I had three to four animal and food focused documentaries added to my list ready to watch.

The world has completely opened up for me since then.  I have so much more knowledge and information at my disposal to back up my reasons for living a whole foods, plant based diet.  It encompasses everything from compassion and morality, to  health and wellness, to environmentalism and preservation.  I have been so excited to be apart of such an amazing worldwide movement and to expand my knowledge of nutrition.  There have been many evenings of tears while my eyes are glued to a screen seeing the brutal truth of the violent happenings, but it feels really GOOD to know that I’m doing something about it.  I am not standing idly by anymore. I feel good, selfless, and active.

Need a boost to do the same?  Here’s a list of five of the documentaries that have equipped me with a better understanding of this lifestyle choice:

  • Cowspiracy-
  • Forks Over Knives-
  • Food Choices-
  • Earthlings-
  • Vegucated-



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