Vegan in the cosmetics industry.

I am vegan.

But that’s not what defines me as a human being.  There is so much to myself and about me that has led to this point.

Therefore I should probably give you a little background as to where I work and what my interests are today and how I can accommodate my veganism within these interests.

After I graduated high school I decided to take a couple years off school.  I wish I could say it was because I wanted to travel and save money but mostly I had lost my dream of attending a top university when my English grade took a hit at the very end of my grade 12 year.  It was a timing thing not for lack of my studying and trying! And I still had a great mark but my confidence was definitely shaken and so I decided to stay home.

Now relaxation is all well and good but by the end of the summer as everyone packed up and headed off for their new adventures, I was settling into a full time retail job and thinking about how bleak the future looked…..very negative, I know.

But things always happen for a reason!  That job ended up helping me decide what I would love to do and I am still working and educating myself within that industry now.  The other amazing opportunity that fell into my lap at just the right time was a program for makeup artistry at the local Modeling Agency downtown.  Starting at the odd time of October (I mean, that’s gotta be fate) and taking place for a full year.  It was perfectly within my budget and would not interfere with my working hours.

So there you have it!  The start to my work in the cosmetics industry.  While I was in class we learned practical and theory of makeup and its application in addition to some basic skin care.  I learned a lot and was so happy to finally have an artistic outlet for my creativity.  We didn’t talk about too many products, brands or ingredients unfortunately.  That could have been quite helpful going forward but it was more of a hands on study!

I scored my first job in the cosmetics field a year before I left for college.  It was at a Canadian drug store that had a small cosmetics department and although I enjoyed learning so much more about the skin care aspects, it was just a part time job in addition to my full time job and I didn’t commit very much time and effort into learning about the products and the company’s values.

Fast forward to where I am now.  I am back with this same company holding down a full time position within a much larger and more expansive cosmetics department.  With this position has come so much more information and knowledge.  Not all of it good….

Now that I’ve made the transition into eating a vegan diet, it’s only right for me to try and bring those values to all aspects of my lifestyle including cosmetics, skin care and clothing.  As someone working in the cosmetics and fashion industry I figured it would be a huge challenge which, coming to terms with the fact that most of my skin care regimen and favourite mascaras are now garbage, sucks but I see it once again as an opportunity!  Which company’s am I hoping to help grow and expand in the future.  How can I learn and grow more to become apart of this expanding market.  Aren’t I in a perfect position to further these amazing company’s that are vegan, cruelty free and embracing this great industry of tomorrow??

It makes me really excited rather than feeling negative about all the brands and products I’m discarding from my life.

I’m hoping to start some youtubing to help my fellow makeup gurus learn to love whats going into our skin or onto our faces.  It’s so important to live as cruelty free a life as we can so you can not only look good, but feel great about which brands and products you decide to promote and support.


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